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Surviving Unemployment Devotions to Go Positive Advice for a Negative Situation is a 31-day devotional that provides encouragement and practical advice to women who are facing the effects of either their own or their spouses’ unemployment. This is not a Pollyanna devotional. It tackles the specifics of day to day living through tough issues, such as handling anger, finding new ways to generate cash flow, and preparing for an extended job search. 

Marietta Taylor is a published author, with a devotional in Penned From the Heart XV. Twice during her marriage, Marietta and her husband have struggled with long term unemployment. The second time, Marietta and her family had relocated out of state only to find her husband’s transfer had fallen through. Marietta, her husband and 2 daughters live in North Carolina.

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Psalm 51:10

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Mark your calendar! Rooted in God’s Love Bible study begins Tuesday evening 9/22 at 6 pm PDT, on Facebook. This class for women studies Paul’s letter to the Ephesians & explores its meaning for women today. You must join the group to attend class. Simply follow the link below! Then share it with your FB friends. This is a time for prayer, fellowship, & growth as we are Empowered by the Word.

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