The First Thursday in Advent

God is for Me!

I LOVE Christmas but sometimes it feels like everyone is tugging at me! I remember when I worked at the church, it seemed as if everyone wanted something and it was becoming more impossible to provide for them. It can become terribly overwhelming when all the people around you need something from you. Eventually, you feel you have nothing left to give.

In this verse, we are reminded that God is not only with us, He is working for us. We can put all our trust in Him and stop worrying about letting the people around us down. this verse specifically tells us that we never have to be afraid of people because there is nothing they can do to us as long as God is with us.

When you feel everyone is coming at you from all directions, take a moment to step back and catch your breath. Remind yourself that God is with you and there is nothing anyone can do to you.

The First Wednesday in Advent

Perfect Love

Jesus has given us so many gifts. One of these is His perfect love. I remember when I first met my husband. I was so filled with love, I felt I could do anything. I feared nothing. This is the way the perfect love of Jesus should make us feel. Unfortunately, we let our overactive imaginations take control. We imagine all the things that could go wrong. Then we become frightened.

Fear is such a terrible thing because it drains us of our energy, our creativity. Perfect love increases our energy. It helps us become more creative as we consider ways to tackle the tasks and events that lay before us. How are you able to let the perfect love of Christ overcome your fear? Well, I believe we must first work to eliminate our fear by having faith that everything is going to work out for us. As the fear leaves us, we must pray to have the void filled with the love of Christ. As that love makes us stronger, more of our fear is driven out until, at last, we are only filled with love.

6 Spiritual Christmas Gifts for the Guilty Mommy #1 Power

Listen Now

You would be disappointed if you chose the perfect gift for someone, only to have them put it aside, never opening it or using it. Yet this is exactly what we do with the gifts given to us by God. Time to open those gifts & use them to their fullest!

In this series, Jean Ann shares 6 gifts given to us by Christ that, when combined, offer us an incredible life & the opportunity to do all the things He calls us to do for Him.

In this episode, Jean Ann discusses the importance of power & how it helps begin the process of putting the other gifts to work!

Jean Ann offers advice, tips, ideas, and more to help you prepare for Christmas one day at a time. Jean Ann helps you reduce the stress of the season by breaking down all the tasks that need to be accomplished into daily bits and pieces.

The First Tuesday in Advent

Anxious? Not Me!

Do you feel anxious as each day brings you closer to Christmas? Wow! There always seems to be so much to do and so little time in which to do it. The Holidays can be overwhelming even on the best days. You are already so very busy and you simply add all your Christmas activities and tasks to your busy lives. I remember one Christmas when I began to cry because I didn’t have time to grocery shop!

In today’s verse, the apostle Paul reminds you that you should never be anxious, not about anything. Instead, you need to go before the Lord in prayer, asking Him about your needs and thanking Him even before He has done anything. You are simply to have faith God will provide for you no matter what. So today, cast aside your anxiety and have faith God is in control.

6 Spiritual Christmas Gifts for the Guilty Mommy #1 Power

You would be disappointed if you chose the perfect gift for someone, only to have them put it aside, never opening it or using it. Yet this is exactly what we do with the gifts given to us by God. Time to open those gifts & use them to their fullest!

In this series, Jean Ann shares 6 gifts given to us by Christ that, when combined, offer us an incredible life & the opportunity to do all the things He calls us to do for Him.

In this episode, Jean Ann discusses the importance of power & how it helps begin the process of putting the other gifts to work!

The First Monday in Advent

Give Me a Bold Spirit

It can be tough being strong. Sometimes, it seems you can only function in crisis mode. On a normal day, life is hectic. At Christmas, it can become chaotic! Add to this a often lack of self-discipline and you have problems. So many treats and sweets available everywhere you turn. Not to mention the goodies you yourself make. After all, you have to taste one, or two, to make sure they turned out all right, don’t you?

Today’s verse reminds you that God has given you a spirit that makes you strong; a spirit that fills you with power, love and self-discipline. You don’t have to be strong all by yourself. The Spirit of God wants to help you be as strong as you need. Whether it’s having the strength to face a new day after a late night of Christmas events or having the willpower to resist the fattening food laid before you.

When you feel your mind and body growing weak, take a moment to call on that bold spirit within you and remember that you are not alone.

The First Sunday in Advent

Lack of Time Zechariah


Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth never had children and, with Elizabeth past the age of childbearing, they thought they would never have children. God had other plans for them, though. God was waiting for the right time to finally bless the couple with, not just a child but a son that would play an important part in the story of the Messiah.

You must always remember that God’s timing is perfect and it is never too late for Him to fulfill His plans.

Key Points

  • Zechariah & Elizabeth are just like Abraham & Sarah
  • Like Abraham’s son, Zechariah’s son ushered in a new age
  • Time is not a factor with God

Zechariah & Elizabeth are just like Abraham & Sarah

Abraham and Sarah had waited decades to become parents. Yet the years passed and they had no children. Although God promised Abraham that he would have children, neither he nor Sarah believed because their were too old. Still, when the time was right, God gave them a son, Issac.

Zechariah and Elizabeth were also well beyond the age when couples had children. This was especially true of Elizabeth who was beyond the age when women were able to bear children. Elizabeth was unhappy because she had not be able to have children. As with Abraham and Sarah, though, God was waiting for the right time, His time, to bless Zechariah and Elizabeth with a son.

Like Abraham’s son, Zechariah’s son ushered in a new age

The birth of Issac brought the birth of God’ Chosen People. Issac was the first of many descendants of Abraham, the beginning of a tradition that continues through today.

Zechariah’s son, John signaled the beginning of a new age. John was the voice in the wilderness foretold in the Old Testament. John would be the one preparing the way for Jesus, talking about the one that would follow him. John helped turn the eyes of the people to the Kingdom of God, telling them they needed to turn from the old ways, their sinful ways. John was one of the original voices of Advent, speaking of the coming of the Lord.

Time is not a factor with God

Zechariah and Elizabeth never thought they would have children. They knew Elizabeth was past the age of childbearing. Yet the angel told Zechariah that he and Elizabeth were going to have a child, a son. Such a blessing on the elderly couple who never would have dreamed such a thing could happen to them. Yet God’s timing is always perfect. Elizabeth may have been too old in human terms but not in God’s terms. God knew the part Elizabeth’s son, John would play in the ministry of Jesus. John was born at the right time to fulfill his role in Jesus’ story.

Fear Vs Faith

We often let the idea of time frighten us. We worry about being too young. We worry about being too old. We are concerned there isn’t enough time for us to accomplish all that must be done.

Zechariah’s story is about time. Although it had seemed the time had passed for Elizabeth to bear any children, God thought the time was just right. God’s timing is always perfect. Even when it seems to you that the time for something has come and gone, if God is saying “Now!” then now is the right time. You are never too old to accomplish God’s plan is that’s the way He wants it.

The Bible has stories of people that thought their time had passed but God had other ideas. Sarah and Elizabeth gave birth when they were old women. Simeon spent years in the Temple, waiting to see the Messiah as God had promised. The promise was fulfilled when Simeon was a very old man. There are even stories of young people who didn’t seem qualified to do the job and yet God disagreed. Young David defeated the Philistine when grown men were too afraid to step up. Young Jesus debated the Law with Temple elders as a young boy. Timothy was thought too young to continue the ministry of Paul.

Time has no meaning to God. He only knows when there is a need and the perfect person to fulfill that need. When He says “Now!” it is not for you to question. It is time to step up like young Samuel and say, “Here I am, Lord!”

For Today

You worry that the time has passed for you to accomplish anything special, to fulfill the work God has called you to do. You must remember that time has no meaning to God. Even if you have put off answering the call God has placed on your heart, this doesn’t mean it’s too late. God keep molding you to fit Hi need and, when the time if right, He will give you what you need, including the courage and faith, to step up and answer His call.

How can you calm your fear over time?

How can you keep faith that God is still calling you when time goes on, when you are getting older?

Advent Introduction

Jesus came to live among us for so many reasons, not the least of which was to help us control our fear and strengthen our faith.

I believe God calls each of us into service for Him. We are in this life to accomplish something special, something unique for Him. Unfortunately, too many of us are afraid to step up and answer His call. This Christmas season, I want to help you overcome the fear that may be holding you back.

Throughout the Christmas is the message “Fear Not!” The angels that appeared to various people in the story always began by telling them not to be afraid. This message is for you also.

Advent is a time for you to prepare yourself for the coming of the Lord. This year, I want to help you receive Him fully into your heart, to overcome the fear that is prevent you from hearing all He is saying to you, to help you feel the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Each Advent lesson is meant to help you overcome the obstacles preventing you from answering God’s call. Each of the Sunday lessons tells the story of someone who thought they were the wrong person for the job:

  • Zechariah: who thought he was too old;
  • Mary: who thought she was unqualified;
  • Joseph: who thought it wasn’t his problem;
  • The shepherds: who thought they weren’t good enough;
  • The women on Easter: who thought it was too late.

Nothing is impossible for God so nothing is ever TOO anything. I encourage you to spend time each day during Advent, reflecting on the restlessness you feel and the call God is placing on your heart. It’s time to step up and step out!

Thanksgiving Countdown ChallengeT(hanksgiving) +1 Devotion

Give Thanks for Jesus

Thanksgiving is over and we can now relax. NOT SO FAST! Christmas is just around the corner. Ok, maybe not the next corner but it can come quickly upon us. We have a few days before December begins, time when we can catch our breath. And time for us to reflect on the season ahead.

Christmas can be overwhelming for moms. We are already busy and our lives become even busier. It can be difficult to give thanks for such a stressful season. I understand. Take a moment to read the verse above again. For generations, people had waiting for the Messiah to come to save them. This verse tells the encounter Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus had with a woman named Anna at the temple. Ann recognized the baby as the Messiah as soon as she saw Him. She knew He was the one she had waited all her life to see. She gave thanks to God, not just for Jesus but also for being able to see Him herself.

At Christmas, it is easy to lose sight of the real purpose of the holiday. We forget why we are celebrating. We may not even feel like celebrating at all. Take time to remember what the birth of this Child meant and still means to the world. And give thanks!

Thanksgiving Countdown Challenge Thanksgiving Devotion

It’s All Good

Look around you. Not just what is around you inside your home or work. Take a moment to step outside and look around. Genesis tells us when God finished creating all things, He looked at His creation and saw that it was good. Paul wanted to remind us of this. Everything around us God created is good and none of it is to be rejected. We are to give thanks for all these things and because it is blessed by the Word of God, it is made good.

On Thanksgiving, we need to take time to give thanks, not just for the food we receive but for all things in our lives, in our world. We live in such an incredible time and we take so many things for granted. All things can be used to bring praise God and we need to take time to give thanks for them. Even things we may feel we have no use for can be used in His service, can be used for good. Take time to give thanks for all things and consider how you might use the unrecognized blessings that surround you. You just might be surprised!

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