The Amazing Power of VBS #3: Offer Families a Break

Summer is a great time for family activities but everyone needs a break now & then. VBS offers that break in a positive environment.

Most churches offer VBS during a half day morning session or in the evening. This gives kids something different to do during the summer without taking up the entire day. Parents are able to plan other activities during the time their kids are away yet there is still time in the day for families to do things together or for kids to still continue their regular commitments, like sports or lessons.

VBS also keeps kids active during the sessions. I know at my church, we not only have lessons & music, we also have games. This helps kids burn off some of their energy each day. It also gives them something to do that doesn’t require your participation. When my daughter was young, she would often ask, “What are we doing today?” Over the course of a summer, you can begin to run out of ideas. VBS enables the kids to have a great experience designed & supervised by others.

You might consider registering your kids for more than one VBS session. Many churches in a community host VBS during the summer. Kids can attend one a month or even more if you like. Occupying only mornings or evening for a week, you are still able to plan other things for your family while also keeping your kids entertained in a positive environment, one week at a time.

VBS is a wonderful way for you & your kids to take a break from one another while still having summer fun. A win-win for everyone

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