The Amazing Power of VBS #4: Opportunity to Check Out a Church

If you are seeking a new church, VBS gives you a chance to learn more about a church before making any commitment.

Your family may be ready to join a church. Perhaps you are new to a neighborhood or life has been too busy or you may have never joined a church before. It can be intimidating visiting a church for the first time on a Sunday. Even if everyone is very friendly, you still know you are an outsider. It would be nice to know some of the people at the church before you visit on a Sunday. VBS allows you to do just that.

Registering your children for VBS at a new for you church helps you check it out in so many ways. You can judge how friendly the members are, how welcoming to outsiders. I would like to think every church is welcoming but we both know this is not the case. I’m not going to analyze why this is but I know for myself that it does happen. You want to be part of a church that makes you feel welcomed, one that feels like home.

VBS allows you to see what their children’s programs are like. If your kids are bored or don’t like the program or people, well, this doesn’t mean you give up. Sometimes it’s just the kids. Yet, if it appears the program doesn’t engage your children, you might want to try another church. You struggle enough Monday-Friday getting your children ready for school without having to fight the same battle every Sunday morning. You want your kids to be impacted by their lessons. This is an important part of their education & growth. VBS gives you a chance to see if they are being spiritually fed.

There are probably other factors you want to consider, things that are important to you. VBS is an opportunity for you to learn more about a church & members without any pressure.

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