The Amazing Power of VBS #5: Expand Your Community

VBS enables you to meet members of your community & expand your personal community with like-minded individuals.

VBS is not just a gathering of kids. It is a place where parents have taken extra steps to enroll their kids & ensure they are in a safe & loving environment. Parents show up at school events to see their kids &, let’s face it, out of a sense of obligation. Parents don’t HAVE to send kids to VBS. They send them because it’s what they want to do.

Not only are you able to meet parents with children the same age as your kids, parents with similar interests as you. If you send your kids to a church other than your home church, you have the opportunity to meet new people that share your interests.

In addition, your kids have a chance to meet new friends. Expanding your network & your kids’ network is a way for all of you to grow. As you can see, VBS is an incredible way for your whole family to grow spiritually, emotionally, & mentally. It offers all of you so much for a very small investment of money & time. And it is well worth it all!

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