Thanksgiving Countdown ChallengeT(hanksgiving) -13 Devotion

Showing Gratitude so Others Understand

The apostle Paul was having problems with the church in Corinth. The people were turning from Paul and his teachings which meant they were turning from Christ. Paul sent Titus to Corinth to get the church in Corinth back on track. In this passage, Paul is letting them know that what Jesus did through His death, what the Father did by resurrecting Jesus, what Paul did through his teaching and sharing the Gospel was done for the benefit of everyone in the church in Corinth. God only wanted grace, forgiveness to reach more people and for those people to be thankful.

All this was not only done for the church in Corinth but also for all of us today. Take time to feel the grace of God, to remember all He has done for us and to allow your thankfulness to overflow.

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