Thanksgiving Countdown ChallengeT(hanksgiving) -11 Devotion

Watch What Comes Out of Your Mouth

It can be easy to forget ourselves and say the wrong thing. We might swear or tell a joke that isn’t very nice. We might repeat a rumor we heard or make a snide comment about someone. This sort of thing has become so common today. The things people post behind the anonymity of the internet are disturbing. These are things none of us would ever want our children to say or write. We must always be careful about the things we say. Words have tremendous impact.

Paul told the members of the church in Ephesus that they needed to avoid saying inappropriate things. Instead, they should speak thanksgiving. This would fill their minds with positive thoughts and have a powerful and positive impact on those around them. Paul’s advice is still good today. Develop the habit of giving thanks for others rather than saying negative things. It may take time but the effort is worth it.

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