Thanksgiving Countdown ChallengeT(hanksgiving) -10 Devotion

Mind Your Manners

Everything. What a great word. No exceptions. All things. Paul used these phrases in his letters, reminding his followers that there are areas of our lives involving the Lord where there are no exceptions. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. No exceptions. We are to give thanks to God for everything. No exceptions. No matter how small it might seem.

When I was in seminary at Fuller in Pasadena, CA, parking was at a premium. There was a small garage. There was a lot about 1/3 of a mile away. I never parked there, preferring to take my chances with the street. Working a rotating shift while attending seminary full time was a challenge. When I was fortunate enough to get a good parking spot without circling the block over and over, I always told God “Thank you!” This small blessings made my life just a bit easier on those days.

One of my professors talked about people that gave thanks for minor things like a good parking space. She thought they, we were silly. She felt it was foolish to thank God for something so trivial. Trivial to her maybe. To me, it was enough to make me smile all the way to class. Everything. Because the Lord knows how important even the small things can be in our lives. In Jesus name.

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