Thanksgiving Countdown ChallengeT(hanksgiving) -6 Devotion

Peace and Thanksgiving

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, our hearts and minds are filled with many things. Peace isn’t always one of them. Face it, we have so many things going on and it’s only going to get worse or at least busier. We drift off to sleep thinking about everything that must still be done and we wake up considering all we hope to accomplish that day.

How can we be thankful when we can’t find a moments peace in our lives? Sometimes, you just have to force the issue. I actually have a chair in our bedroom closet. When I need peace, I go sit in the closet. It’s quiet and dark. I sit and I pray. I sit and I think. I set and I find peace. I may not be in there long but even a few minutes can be enough to bring me the peace I need. And for that, I am thankful!

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