Thanksgiving Countdown ChallengeT(hanksgiving) -5 Devotion

Worship with Thanksgiving

The lessons Jesus taught His followers, lessons Paul has passed along had a powerful impact on the people that heard them and they still have a tremendous impact today. The message of Christ is meant to guide us to do the right thing, to behave in the right manner and to treat others well. We are to help others grow spiritually, not just with the message, with the lessons but also with the psalms and music. Most important, we are to do all this with gratitude to God in our hearts.

There was a commercial on television a few years ago. In it, Peyton Manning is coaching Brad Paisley as Brad practices a jingle. Peyton tells Brad that he almost has it, Peyton wants to feel it “right here” and he points to himself. “In your chest?” Brad asks. “No, your heart,” Peyton responds.

This is true for us. It’s not enough to just share the message, to share our faith with others either with our words or actions. We need to feel it in our hearts. And others need to fell it too. I believe gratitude gives us that heart connection. We give thanks to God. God is grateful for us. We have gratitude for those with whom we share the message and they in turn are thankful for us, the message and the Lord. Gratitude is such a powerful tool when we are serving the Lord.

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