Thanksgiving Countdown ChallengeT(hanksgiving) -1 Devotion

I Mean Everyone

There comes a time in all our lives when we look at those around us and ask God if He really means for us to pray for these people. I remember as a child being made to apologize to someone by my mother. Wow, was that a forced apology. “Sorry,” I would say in a bitter tone. Of course, then I would be told to say it like I meant it. Well, I didn’t mean it! I wasn’t rally sorry and I didn’t want to apologize. Looking back, I feel bad about those moments. Yet, I sometimes feel I haven’t learned anything from those lessons.

In this letter to Timothy, Paul tells him and, through him, the members of the churches Timothy visits to pray, intercede and give thanks for ALL people, including the authorities. This wasn’t always easy. These same authorities were often persecuting Christians yet Paul understood the importance of praying for the authorities. He felt god would lead those in charge to do the right thing, the thing God desired so the Christians could live “peaceful and quiet lives.”

Now is the time to pray for ALL people, including those in authority whether you agree with them or not. Pray for God to guide them as HE sees fit, not as you wish. I know this can be difficult. If, however, enough of us are praying for those in charge to do what allows us to live peaceful and quiet lives, then imagine the impact on our nation.

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