An Abundance of Kindness: Ash Wednesday

And what about when Lent is over? What happens when Easter arrives? Many of us breath a sigh of relief & race to the Easter candy or rush to check out social media, thankful that sacrifice is over for another year. I’m not criticizing, merely observing. What is the point of making the sacrifice if we gain nothing once the time is up? Shouldn’t we be made better by our sacrifice?

Better still, what has changed in our world when we make our annual Lenten sacrifice? Is the world, even our small corner of it, better because we gave something up for Lent? Does social media learn its lesson & become less critical, less judgement, less ugly because many people leave it for a short period of time or does it continue on in its usual manner?

Wouldn’t it be nice to observe Lent by adding a GOOD habit to our lives rather than subtracting a BAD habit? They say it takes 30 days to either break a bad habit or develop a good habit. Would you think after 40+ days, we would shun chocolate long past Easter? IMHO, though, I think we become so focused on that Easter end date that we become obsessed with the item we gave up & can’t wait to enjoy it once again.

This year, rather than making a sacrifice by giving something up for Lent, why not TAKE something up for Lent? I feel Lent is the perfect time to develop a Kindness Habit. Tired of the bad attitudes on social media? Try spreading kindness. Tired of the way people around you act? Treat them more kindly. Want to raise compassionate kids that care about the people around them? Instill kindness in them!

The Kindness Habit is one that lasts long past Easter & it does more for you than it does anyone else. Now, I know some of you think this is the most foolish, if not stupid thing you ever heard. And yet this is exactly what Jesus did. He show kindness to everyone around Him in an evil, violent, selfish world. Even on the cross, Jesus showed kindness to those around Him. And His kindness continues today. Or it would, if only WE would stop feeling sorry for ourselves, or entitled, or bitter, or whatever is eating at you, & take up His mission to increase the Kingdom on earth.

So tell me, does your annual “Give Something Up for Lent” campaign really mean something to you or are you only going through the motions because it’s just what you do every year? If you’re only going through the motion, don’t bother. Go ahead & enjoy your chocolate. Stay on social media, complaining about how nasty everyone is. Just remember, it all begins with you. Be the change you want to see. Be kind!

Join me throughout Lent as I offer Scripture, crafts, & challenges to boost your Kindness Habit.

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