Lenten Devotion Day 1


Bleeding Woman

This poor woman had been sick for 12 years. She had been to doctors, specialists and experts but nothing helped. She was still sick, weak and, because she paid so many people to heal her, she had no money.

One day, she heard about a special man named Jesus that was coming to town. People said He was able to heal people, even people that no one else could help.

With the last bit of energy and strength she had, the bleeding woman decided to go see this man. This was a very scary risk she was taking. As weak as the woman was, if Jesus didn’t heal her, she would not have the strength to get back home.

Even worse, in Jesus’ time, this woman was considered unclean. She was not allowed to touch other people and other people would not touch her. If she touched them or they touched her, it made those people unclean. They had to spend hours doing special things that made them clean again. So, if the woman was too weak to make her way home, no one would risk becoming unclean by touching her.

Even worse, yes, there is something even worse, if the unclean woman touched anyone on purpose, the rules said she could be killed. Harsh, I know but this was to protect people from contagious diseases. People knew very little about diseases back then. The best way to protect them was to keep sick people away from the public.

The bleeding woman knew all of this. She knew she was unclean. She knew she would die if she wasn’t healed. She was desperate so she didn’t care! She left home and, with the last bit of her strength, she reached out to touch Jesus’ robe. Even though no one had cured her during the 12 years she had been sick, she still believed Jesus could cure her. Lying on the ground, too weak to get up, she reached out and touched the hem of Jesus robe. Immediately, she was healed.

Jesus stopped walking through the crowd, asking who had touch Him. When He saw the woman, He knew. Rather than being angry, Jesus was pleased He knew it wasn’t anything He had done that cured the woman. Her faith in Jesus made her well. Instead of criticizing the unclean woman for touching Him, Jesus praised her faith.

Discussion Questions

1. Do we still have “unclean” people in our communities today? Who are some of the unclean people?

Why do we think they are unclean?

2. Has anyone ever treated me like I was “unclean?” How did that make me feel?

3. Have I ever treated someone like they were “unclean?” Why did I treat them that way? How does that make me feel?

4. What can I do to stop myself from treating others like they are unclean?

5. As a parent, what lessons am I teaching my children about treating other people the way I want to be treated?

6. What lesson is there about bullying in this story?

7. What type of kindness can you do for an “unclean” person?

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