Lenten Devotion Day 2

Not Dead

Jairus’ Daughter

Just before the bleeding woman touched Jesus, a servant from the house of a temple ruler came to see Jesus. The Pharisee’s daughter was very sick, dying, and the Pharisee, Jairus, wanted Jesus to heal her.

Jesus was delayed by the bleeding woman. His disciples didn’t want Jesus to take time to talk to the woman. They wanted Jesus to hurry to Jairus’ house. Pharisees kept causing trouble for Jesus and His followers. Helping one of them might help Jesus.  Jesus still took time to talk with the bleeding woman.

By the time He arrived at Jairus’ house, the young girl, only 12 years old, was dead. Jesus went into the bedroom where the girl was lying. With a word, He healed the girl and revived her.

This lesson for us today isn’t about people dying. Instead, it’s about relationships that are dead.

Sometimes, things happen between people and the relationship suffers. As you and your family take time during Lent to consider all the good works Jesus did for others, you should also consider the times Jesus forgave and helped those that treated Him and others badly. Even on the cross, Jesus forgave the men that crucified Him. Can we do less?

Discussion Questions

1. What lesson does this story teach you and your family?

2. Are there dead relationships in your life? How can you bring those relationships back to life?

3. If you can’t revive a relationship, are you able to forgive the other person and yourself so you can move on?

4. Are there people in your life that you ignore? Perhaps someone at work that you come across everyday but just don’t see. You don’t mean to ignore them.

5. For some reason, they are invisible to you. What can you do to change this?

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