Lenten Devotion Day 3

Rock Steady or Shaky Sand? You Choose!

Building on Rock or Sand

In this lesson, Jesus tells a story about 2 people that build houses. One wants to build his house quickly so he builds it on the sand. The second man takes his time building his house. He builds it on rock so the foundation is solid.

When the rains come, it causes a flood. The sand under the first house was not stable in the flood. It fell apart. The rock under the second house stayed strong during the flood.

Jesus explains that our lives are just like those houses. We should build our lives on rock, which is our faith in God rather than the unstable promises of the world.

Things move so quickly in our lives, in society these days. We are often like small children, allowing our attention to be diverted to first one thing, then another. We try to satisfy our needs, our emptiness with things. But Jesus told us that possessions are passing. They don’t last. Even worse, the satisfaction we received initially from our possessions fades very quickly.

To fill our emptiness, to create a life that is strong and steady for ourselves and our families, we need to build our lives on THE solid rock, Jesus Christ. Build your life a that rock solid foundation and you can withstand all the floods that come your way.

Discussion Questions

1. Is your life built on sand or rock? Do you live on rock when it comes to simple things but move to sand when life becomes difficult?

2. How can you build your strength muscles to help you remain strong when the floods of life come?

3. What are some of the problems that flood your life?

4. How can you help your family be strong?

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