The Kindness Habit: First Friday in Lent

Part 1 The Power of Kindness: Kindness Transforms You Externally

In yesterday’s post, I shared the fruit of the Spirit. These traits grow within us. They affect the way we feel about ourselves & the people around us. While this goes a long way toward changing our bad attitude or practices, it’s nothing if it only remains within us. We may feel kindly toward those around us, however, we also need to demonstrate that kindness to the world.

When Paul wrote his letter to the Colossian church, he encouraged them to “clothe” themselves with various traits, including kindness. When you clothe yourself in something, it is displayed on your person for the whole world to see. Like the armor of God, kindness should be something you put on every single day, wearing it proudly for the world to see. Your internal feeling of kindness may not impact the lives of those you encounter throughout the day. The kindness you display may, even subtly, impact the lives of people you come into contact with each & every day.

In her book “Out of the Salt Shaker,” Rebecca Pippert writes Jesus is just like everyone else but different. The differences may be so subtle they are difficult to discern. In my book “Accessorize Your Life,” I compare these traits to the accessories we add to an outfit. While they may just be small additions, they can have a tremendous impact on the way we are seen in the world. The list Paul sent the Colossians offers many of those traits, including kindness. Small acts of kindness may not see like much but they may have a tremendous impact on the people we encounter in life. Add kindness to your appearance. It adds so much & takes so little!

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