Lenten Study Day 4

Shame, Shame!

Adulterous Woman

A group of people drag a woman to Jesus. She has been caught doing something very bad. In fact, it is so bad that she is about to be killed by the crowd of people. The temple rulers want to know what Jesus has to say about the situation. I think they were hoping He would say the wrong thing, causing the crowd to kill Him also.

Jesus took a moment to think and then said something that made everyone else think. He said the people that had never sinned, had never done anything wrong could go ahead and throw stones at the woman, killing her. No one threw a rock and all the people left.

Every person in the crowd knew they had sinned at some point in their lives. We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are big and some are small but the mistakes, or sins, are there. Jesus forgave the woman, cleaning all the sin out of her life. Jesus does the same thing for each of us.

We ask Jesus to forgive us and He does. Like the woman in the story, Jesus sends us out to live our lives, encouraging us to avoid making mistakes anymore.

Discussion Questions

1. Today, we don’t throw rocks at people but we often throw hurtful words at people. Do you ever “throw” hurtful words at people?

2. Why do you say hurtful things? How can you stop yourself from saying hurtful things to people?

3. Do people ever throw hurtful words at you? How do you react?

4. Why do you think people say hurtful things to people? How can your protect yourself so their words don’t hurt you as much?

5. Are you able to forgive people when they make mistakes? Do you look for ways to punish them?

6. What mistakes have you made recently? You don’t have to say them out loud. You can just think about any mistakes you have made.

7. Have you asked Jesus to forgive you for making these mistakes? Have you accepted His forgiveness?

8. How can you stop yourself from making the same mistake again?

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