The Kindness Habit: First Saturday in Lent

Part 1 The Power of Kindness: Kindness Transforms Your Ministry

Kindness is transformative. First , it changes you internally through the fruit of the Spirit. The it changes you externally when you wear your kindness at all times. Finally, your kindness shows the world that you are just like everyone else yet somehow different & that difference is what attract people to you.

Why is it important for people to be attracted to you? Studies have shown the unchurched are reached when the message is shared with them by someone they know & trust. Look at the Gospels. Peopled LIKED Jesus. They wanted to be around Him. Children were drawn to Him. People didn’t simply LIKE Jesus. They wanted to be His friend. Since people liked Him so much, respected Him, they would listen to Him. They paid attention to His words. The trust people put in Jesus was based in part on His kindness.

When you treat people kindly, when you live your life based on kindness, kindness to God, to yourself, & to others, people are drawn to you. They trust you. This enables you to minister to them. Until you gain the trust of people, the work you do for the Lord is an uphill battle. Develop your Kindness Habit & show the world you are just like everyone else, yet different.

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