The Kindness Habit: First Monday in Lent

Part 1 The Power of Kindness: Kindness Transforms Your Church

I believe the role of the church in the life of the believer is to:

  • Help them grow stronger in their faith;
  • Provide them with the tools they need to serve the Lord in the world;
  • Renew & refresh them so they are able to go back into the world.

Kindness plays a tremendous role in all of this. The church must, first & foremost, be a safe place where people are able to engage in the three items listed above, without judgement. People must be able to ask questions, to wrestle with answers, to make mistakes, & never be made to feel they are less than God made them to be. Everyone must be treated with respect.Church, I believe, should feel like family.

I have belonged to different churches over the years as we moved. At one time, I had a difficult time choosing a church, attending a few different ones in our neighborhood, attending each for a few weeks yet, it never seemed like a good fit. Then I attended my current church. It took me awhile to make a commitment, not because of them but due to a bad experience at my previous church. Once I committed, however, I felt at home.

The people at my church were incredibly kind, reaching out to me, taking time to get to know me, then allowing me to serve them in very special ways. One of my favorite things about them concerns my hair. I have had my pink hair for almost 15 years. I assumed someone would eventually ask about my hair & finally, they did, after ONE YEAR. No one ever said anything before that, at least to me. I told this story to the women in my Bible study & learned more. Right after the first time I attended the church, my pastor kept commenting to everyone, “Did you see the woman with the pink hair?” He wan’t shocked or disgusted. He was excited! I mentioned how surprised I was no one had ever commented on my hair & was told, “It just seemed so much a part of you that we never thought anything about it!”

Kindness. It isn’t always easy but we should all be able to receive a dose of kindness within our church, enough kindness to carry us through the week & out into a world that isn’t always kind.

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