The Kindness Habit: First Tuesday in Lent

Part 1 The Power of Kindness: Kindness Must Be Shown Cheerfully

We have all done it. As kids, Mom would make us apologize to someone &, grudgingly, we would say, “Sorry” under or breath, unwilling to mean it. The mom would tell us to say it like we meant it. At this point, most of us knew mom meant business so we would take a breath & put more enthusiasm in our apology. The tone of our voice might have been right but the sentiment didn’t reach our hearts. Sigh!

The Lord wants us to be kind, however, He doesn’t want us to show kindness grudgingly. Kindness, true kindness, it a product of the Holy Spirit. Kindness demonstrates the manifestation of the Spirit within us. When we demonstrate spiritual kindness, it is expressed cheerfully. Kindness fills us & overflows into the world, leaving us cheerful & spreading cheerful kindness wherever we go.

I believe this cheerful kindness produces joy. The combination of kindness & joy with us produces a spiritual power that enables us to do incredible things for the Lord. When we add love, well, there is no stopping us.

As you develop the kindness habit during Lent & beyond, be sure your kindness originates from deep within you, where the Spirit resides. How will you know? By the cheerfulness that fills your spirit & fills you with joy!

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