Lenten Study Day 7

The More the Merrier

Feed the Multitude

Have you ever seen a story in the news about a bad situation, like when a tornado hits a town and does major damage, and wish there was something you could do to help? Sometimes we hear about terrible things that happen to other people and wish there was something we could do but we aren’t certain how we can help. Even worse, we may believe the help we can offer just isn’t enough. Perhaps you are only able to donate a small amount of money or you might only be able to offer help for a short period of time. Against the size of the situation or tragedy, we believe any aid we are able to give is bl,e.

Boy, are you wrong! Go back and reread the Scripture verse for today.  There was a huge crowd listening to Jesus that day and they became very hungry. There was no fast food restaurant around the corner for them to pop into. No one had food with them. All they had was a tremendous hunger.

The verse says there were 5000 MEN attending His message that day. This means there were 15,000-20,000 or more when you add the women and children to the head count. How in the world were they going to feed all those people? All they had was 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Hmmm, I don’t think that would feed the disciples let alone that huge crowd. They had a serious situation and didn’t believe they had enough to take care of these people in need.

Then Jesus took control. He had the people sit down. He blessed the food and had the disciples begin passing it out to all the people. Not only did they feed everyone in the crowd, they had 12 baskets of food leftover!

There is no such thing as a little bit when you turn it over to Jesus. He is able to take whatever we give, no matter how small, and use it to care for those in need. Never think your gift is too small. Just add Jesus to you gift and watch it grow!

Discussion Questions

1. When have you ever thought what you had to offer was not enough for the task at hand?

2. Consider times at work or school when you didn’t believe you were up to a task. How did you react?

3. What could you have done to help you multiply your ability?

4. What can you do to help prepare for the next time a crisis arises and you think you don’t have anything to help?

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