The Kindness Habit: Second Wednesday in Lent

Part 1 The Power of Kindness: Kindness Leads to Repentance

God, the Father, loves you. Consider that for a moment. He is a loving parent who wants you to be the very best version of yourself that you can possibly be. He doesn’t just love you. He feel kind toward you, wanting to guide you to follow the path He has laid before you.

In order for you to lead the life He wants for you, it is necessary for you to turn from the practices, the habit that prevent you from moving forward. In other words, you must repent.

Repentance, as Paul presents it in his letter to the church in Rome, isn’t the “You better shape up or else!” but a gentle hand & loving attitude guiding you to do the right thing. You feel compelled to act the way God wants because, to do otherwise would hurt Him badly. You turn from your bad habits, your bad ways out of love & respect for the Father, for the Lord. You love Him because He loved your first & begin acquiring the habits that please Him, including kindness.

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