The Kindness Habit: Second Thursday in Lent

Part 1 The Power of Kindness: Lack of Kindness Shows a Lack of God

Take a moment to read the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the church in Rome. In it, he lists the evil habits that fill the lives of people in the world in general & in Rome specifically. Some of these people were even in the church. Paul tells the believers in Rome that God has revealed Himself to these people but they worship the things God has created rather than the creator. Paul spells out the downward descent of these people, until they are lost completely.

I find it interesting that, in the middle of this list of horrible practices (murder, lying, unnatural sexual practices, etc.), Paul also writes “they show no kindness or pity for others.” Paul sees this as being as despicable as murder. To have no compassion, no empathy toward others is unforgivable. As I see it, being consumed by this evil, showing no kindness toward others, shows a lack of God in the life of the individual.

I believe kindness, love, & joy show the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. These traits show the world the presence of the Spirit & Christ in the individual. No kindness, no God. I don’t want to spend much space on this, however, there are those who are called Christians, yet demonstrate a lack of kindness, love, or joy toward others. Oh, they may show it to some but only to a select group they deem worthy. As I will discuss in future posts, Jesus showed kindness to everyone. Kindness is important to Jesus & it should be important to us. Through His kindness, Jesus showed us the love of the Father for all people. In light of this, how can we do anything different.

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