Lenten Study Day 9

Guess What Happen to Me Today?

Matthew is Called by Jesus

You just never know what is going to happen to you when you go to work or school on any given day. Levi headed out that morning to work his tax collection table. He’s just sitting there, literally minding his own business, when his entire world is turned upside down. This man that Levi had never seen before walks by the tax booth, turns to face him and says, “Follow me!” And, can you believe it, Levi gets up and goes with this man!

All right, so it wasn’t just any old man. It was Jesus but still! Imagine just getting up from your desk one day and walking away from your job out of the blue. No warning! No notice! Unthinkable! Unbelievable!

This story came from the Gospel of Mark. Mark uses the word “immediately” over and over throughout his Gospel. This story is the perfect example of “immediately.” Jesus asked Levi to do something and Levi didn’t take a moment to think about it. He got up IMMEDIATELY and followed Him.

When you sense God calling you to do something, is your reaction immediate? Probably not. There are things we have to do before we can answer His call, whatever it might be. Perhaps your church has asked you to teach a class or serve on a board. Well, you have to check your schedule. You need to talk to your spouse….. sound familiar?

Kids are the same way. How tough is it to get your kids to church on Sunday or to youth group during the week? Of course, this isn’t just about church. God often calls us in a small still voice, not standing in front of us and saying, “Hey!” That quiet voice might be asking us to work at the homeless shelter or gather food for the food bank. He may call us to buy a meal for the hungry person sitting outside the fast food restaurant. He might ask a student to help a classmate that’s struggling in school. The list goes on.

I know this from experience. Often in life, Jesus calls us into action and when He does, He means RIGHT NOW! On occasion, I have hesitated, waiting to answer until I felt the time was right. Or maybe I was busy doing something else. Or sometimes I don’t believe I’m able to do the task He is asking of me. Then the opportunity is gone. Too late. It took a few times for me but now I get up and follow when the call comes. Immediately!

Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever felt God calling you into action? How did you respond?

2. When God puts a concern on your heart, do you act immediately?

3. If not, what happened? Did you ever respond or did the urge leave you?

4. Has this ever happened to your kids? How did they respond?

5. How can each of you ensure you respond immediately to God’s call?

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