Lenten Devotion Day 22

Not Listening!

The Temptation in the Wilderness

Think about it for a minute. All Jesus had to do was tell Satan to go away and leave Him alone. Jesus didn’t have to listen to Satan harassing Him. So why did He put up with Satan’s temptation?

In a presentation to a Promise Keepers audience, E.V. Hill said it was his belief Jesus took the time to listen and respond to Satan so we would know how to handle a similar situation. As Hill pointed out, when Satan confronted Jesus, Jesus responded with the Word of God. Jesus fought fire with fire.

We face temptation so often in our lives. Whether it’s spending too much time on social networks or indulging in high calorie foods or playing video games or texting or even worse temptations, we give in much too often. “Just one more minute” we tell ourselves only to realize 2 hours have gone by the next time we look at the clock.

Even worse, we scold our kids for their inability to resist temptation when they’re only following the example we’re setting for them. How then do we fight the urge to give in to temptation? By following the example set by Jesus in today’s story! Fight temptation with the Word of God.

Take time to search for verses that help you fight specific urges. When Satan used Scripture to tempt Jesus, Jesus came right back with an appropriate verse. You need to be forearmed to fight effectively. If you wait until you’re confronted by temptation, it’s too late!

Get ready ahead of time so you’re prepared. Then, teach your children how to use Scripture to fight temptation. Strengthen your entire family with the Word of God. It is the best weapon your family can have!

Discussion Questions

1. What are your temptations?

2. What verses can you use to fight each temptation?

3. What are your children’s temptations?

4. What verses can you offer them to fight their temptations?

5. How can you be sure each verse remains strong in your mind when you feel tempted?

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