Lenten Devotion Day 23

You Can’t Afford It!

The Cost of Discipleship

No one ever said it would be easy being a Christian. Throughout history, people have struggled to maintain their faith in an unfriendly world. People have worked to remain strong, fighting their own weaknesses

Jesus understood the struggle each of us goes through as we work to balance our faith and our lives. He knew it was a problem for people in His day and that it would continue to be a problem throughout history.

Times may change but some things never change. In today’s verse, Jesus talks about “this adulterous and sinful generation.” People really don’t change much over time. The sins may evolve but they are just variations of the same urges people struggled with in Jesus’ time and back to the beginning of all time. As we often say, “We’re only human!”

Yet Jesus asks us to be more than just human. He asks us to follow Him, to follow HIS example in the world. Temptations were everywhere in those days, just like now. Jesus knew the struggles we have as we fight to resist temptation. After all, He’s human too! Yet the human side of Jesus was able to resist temptation. Was it easy? I don’t believe so. Just read what He says in today’s verse.

It’s very easy for us to get caught up in the world these days. We are called to be IN the world, but not OF the world. We must take part in daily life, associate with a variety of people in a way that puts them at ease. Jesus never intentionally made others feel uncomfortable. Many times, others made themselves feel uncomfortable in His presence but He never did this. We need to “deny ourselves.”

Stop thinking about yourself and what you want. Time to consider others. Time to make Jesus a priority. Time to listen to Him, to understand once and for all what He is calling you to do. He’s already done the hard part. Now, it’s up to us, all of us, to continue His work no matter the cost.

Discussion Questions

1. Is your faith part of every aspect of your life?

2. Are you able to live your faith without making others uncomfortable?

3. Are you able to deny yourself?

4. How can you help your children live their faith?

1 Comments on “Lenten Devotion Day 23”

  1. 3.
    Are you able to deny yourself?
    I struggle with denying myself a nap every day that I could learn to do with out. I also get very protective and defensive about getting enough ME time daily. There are other things I could do with my son but I feel like 3 hours of concentrated time on a 21 year old is enough in one day every day. But he is bipolar and gets really lonely. He does not see friends much. Right now he is pursuing a goal from home so his only contact daily is me. But I can give him more time. I just get grumpy about it. That is a choice. I can control it and see this the way to help him through a difficult time … I could deny myself my selfish isolation.

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