Lenten Devotion Day 25

The Price is Too High

The Rich Young Ruler

As Christians, each of us is called into service. We don’t necessarily serve the church but we are asked to share our gifts, our abilities with others in a way that brings glory to God. This service does not come without a cost. In the story, Jesus tells the rich young ruler to sell everything he has and then give all the money from that sale and all the rest of his money to the poor. After that, he is to follow Jesus. The young man just stares at Jesus, shakes his head and sadly walks away, never realizing what all he is missing.

A few years back, the stock and housing market took a serious and major dive. This shook people up. Suddenly, families couldn’t buy everything they wanted. Too many people had put their faith in things. Big houses, expensive cars, fabulous vacations and all of it bought on credit. Then the bottom dropped out and people were not only scared, they were depressed. Now what are we going to do?

The rich young ruler loved things (and money) more that he cared about people. He was a smart and successful young man. If he had sold everything he owned and then given all his money away, who’s to say he couldn’t have acquired even more riches? Perhaps more important, who’s to say the young ruler might not have found even greater satisfaction in helping others, serving others than he ever received from his wealth?

Money and possessions are fleeting. They can disappear in the blink of an eye, as too many families have discovered the last few years. But people, family, and service offer a satisfaction that is lasting, giving us a reward that no one can ever take away.

Discussion Questions

1. What things do you cling to tightly?

2. Are you able to let them go as Jesus told the young ruler?

3. What are you afraid of losing?

4. How can you strengthen your faith so you may see how God provides when we let go?

5. How can you help your children reduce their love of things?

6. How can your entire family choose service over things?

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