Lenten Devotion Day 26

Try Something New

New Wineskins

Boy, is it easy to get into a rut! We just get so comfortable doing the same old thing. That’s too bad. Jesus has so many new opportunities to share with us but first, we must trade our old wineskins for new.

What does that mean? How are you ever going to experience something new if you are always doing the same old thing? Your new wineskin may be going out to experience something new. Perhaps you attend a class at church. Maybe it’s time to volunteer at a nonprofit in your community. Explore a new place in your city. Go out and do things, simple things, you never considered before. Plant an urban farm. Help at the senior center. The list is endless.

Until you are able to break free from your old wineskins, Jesus can never share His new wine with you. Consider some of the opportunities Jesus might have waiting for you if only you and your family took time to get out of your rut.

Life is an incredible experience but I believe we are only enjoying a fraction of all God has to offer us. It’s not going to show up in the living room while you are watching television. It’s not going to pop up on the computer screen as you surf the net. It’s not going to arrive in a text on your phone while you play a game. It’s out there, somewhere, waiting for you to show up.

Now, get up, peel off that old wineskin and prepare yourself for an adventure. You never know what Jesus has in store for you!

Discussion Questions

1. What kind of ruts are you and your family stuck in?

2. How can you break free from those ruts?

3. What new wineskins might you try in your life or community?

4. How can you begin the journey?

This week, make a commitment to try something new. Then prepare to see how Jesus works in your life.

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