Lenten Devotion Day 29

Doing the Right Thing

The Good Samaritan

Hard to imagine but this was a shocking story when Jesus shared the parable of the good Samaritan. The people in Jesus community, His audience, thought Samaritans were less than nothing. There are different stories concerning the origin of the Samaritans. One part of the story is consistent. The Jews despised the Samaritans, felt they could do nothing good. They were thought to be liars, thieves, and worse by the Jews.

Jesus told the crowd a story about a man being robbed, beaten, and left for dead on the road. Two men, highly thought of in the local community, just walked on by the dying man.

Then a Samaritan man came upon the injured man.  It’s the Samaritan who stopped and offered aid and comfort to the poor man. The Samaritan was the one that did the right thing in the story. The people listening had to be terribly confused. They would never believe a Samaritan capable of doing such a good deed.

That’s the whole point of the story. It’s not enough to say the right things. It’s necessary to follow those words with action. We must also DO the right thing. And a good place to begin doing the right thing is by ridding ourselves of misconceptions about people, groups in our society.

We still have Samaritans in our midst, people who, through no fault of their own, are outcasts, about whom terrible things are thought AND said.

In telling this story, Jesus makes it clear that things have changed. God is a God of ALL people, a God who loves all of us and Jesus came to save us all, even the Samaritans!

Discussion Questions

1. Who are the Samaritans in society today?

2. How do you feel about these people?

3. What do you say about them, without even thinking about it?

4. What message are you sharing about modern Samaritans with your children?

5. How can you offer a more positive message to your children?

6. What are you going to do, right now, to begin?

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