Lenten Devotion Day 32

Me Worry?

Jesus Says Not to Worry

Boy, do I get tired of people telling me not to worry! Don’t you? I know I should just let things go, turn them over to Jesus but it just gets hard to do sometimes. We all worry. We worry about big things. We worry about little things. We worry during the day. We worry at night, letting our worries keep us awake into the early morning hours. Sometimes, worry wakes us up in the middle of the night as if it just couldn’t stand letting us rest peacefully.

The worst thing about worry is the fact it doesn’t help any! In fact, it just makes things worse. Try coming up with a solution to a problem, even a simple problem, when your mind, your heart, your spirit is filled with worry. Ain’t going to happen! Worry fills every fiber of our being and stops any solutions or help in their tracks. Worry causes us to freeze just like when we played freeze tag as a kid.

Worry also prevents us from getting anything else done. Worry throws us into such a tizzy that we completely forget about everything else. Or, even worse, we keep on with other responsibilities but we are only able to give them a bit of our attention. How well do you think that works? Worry makes us testy, edgy, short tempered. We ignore those around us. Snap at people who only have our greater good in mind. Lose our temper at those who love us the most.

WOW! Worry really stinks! How can we possibly be kind to anyone when we worry all the time? Of course, when you think about it, worry is part of the human condition. Worry is caused in part by us not having a close relationship with Jesus. Adam and Eve didn’t worry. God took care of everything for them. Then, they went and blew it! After that, nothing but worries.

Jesus told us not to worry. He pointed out the way our Father takes care of little birds, providing them food and a place to sleep. Jesus reminded us that we are just as important, no, even MORE important to His Father than the birds. If the Father does so much for birds, why would He do any less for us?

Worry may be part of the human condition but so is prayer. Next time worry tries to take over your life, just remember: Jesus is ready and waiting to take that burden from you!  Let Him!

Discussion Questions

1. What worries do you have right now?

2. How do you handle your worries?

3. How do your worries affect your family?

4. How do your children handle their worries?

5. What can all of you do to reduce your worries?

6. How can you strengthen your prayer life?

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