Lenten Devotion Day 33

I Am a Rock!

Simon Calls Jesus the Messiah

Ask your kids about the last time the teacher called on them and they didn’t know the answer. Ask your kids about a time they thought they knew the answer but were too afraid to raise their hands because they might look stupid or someone might make fun of them. We all know the feeling whether it’s kids at school or adults at work. We’ve all hesitated to answer for fear of looking foolish or feeling stupid.

One evening, Jesus was talking to the disciples when He asked them who the people say He is. They gave various answers based on the comments they‘ve heard from others. Then Jesus asked a very scary question, “Who do YOU say I am?” WOW! I always picture all the disciples staring at the ground, sky, anywhere but at Jesus, terrified He might call on them. Except Simon.

Poor old Simon who tended to say the wrong thing all the time. Simon who never seemed to understand the lessons Jesus taught the group. Simon, who didn’t know enough to keep quiet. Simon, who spoke right up, blurting out, “The Messiah!”

Can’t you just see the other disciples standing there, rolling their eyes and waiting for Jesus to tell Simon what a foolish answer that was? Surprise, surprise! Simon got it right! And for his bold answer, Jesus rewarded Simon, changing his name to Peter, telling Peter he was the rock upon which Jesus’ church would be built. Saying that Peter would hold the keys to Heaven. I’m sure this concerned the disciples! Would any of them trust Simon with the keys to their house, let alone the keys to heaven? Yet, in his childlike way, Peter spoke up and gave the right answer.

We shouldn’t be afraid to speak up when we think we have something productive, something positive to say. We shouldn’t make fun of others when they speak up and give the wrong or, what we consider to be, a silly answer or comment. Even if Simon had been wrong, his comment might have opened a discussion that led to the disciples determining just who Jesus was and is.

Ideas, even crazy ones, have led to some of the greatest advances in our country. The light bulb. The desktop computer. Fed-ex. All these seemed like crazy ideas at the time. Consider the telephone. Who was Bell going to call? What was the point? People must have thought he was crazy! Everyone that came up with a great invention seemed crazy when they thought of it. Lucky for us, they pushed on, ignoring what other people thought. Just like Simon!

Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever stopped yourself from saying something because you thought others might make fun of you or think it was stupid?

2. Have you ever tossed out a great idea because it seemed silly at the time?

3. How can you stop yourself from doing this?

4. What causes you to hold back?

5. How can you encourage your kids to share ideas, answers, even if they might seem silly at the time?

6. How do you strength yourself for the next time?

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