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The Problem with Guilt Part 6: Guilt Likes the Dark

Guilt thrives the more we keep it to ourselves. guilt begins deep within us & likes to stay there. The longer we keep it locked up, the more it grows & multiplies. We feel shame when we haven’t done anything wrong.

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The Problem with Guilt Part 5: We Go It Alone

A guilt trip is a lonely journey. We rarely take a companion along with us. Those around us may suffer because of our guilt but they aren’t able to ease it. We are unable to share our burden with others so they might carry part of it for us.

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The Problem with Guilt Part 4: We Overcompensate

We feel guilty. We think we’ve done something wrong. We try to make it right. When we can’t make it right, we overreact. One of the ways we overreact is to overcompensate. In other words, we try to make things up. We can’t make it right, so we work to make it better. Oh, Boy!

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