Chocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies

Today is a cool rainy day in SoCal so it’s perfect weather for baking. When flour is hard to find, make these delicious, & simple, cookies with cake mix!

Fun Summer Crafts


Who says you can’t have fun this summer? Not me! Enjoy yourself with these summer craft ideas from Country Living.

The Amazing Power of VBS #5: Expand Your Community

VBS enables you to meet members of your community & expand your personal community with like-minded individuals.

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The Amazing Power of VBS #4: Opportunity to Check Out a Church

If you are seeking a new church, VBS gives you a chance to learn more about a church before making any commitment.

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The Amazing Power of VBS #3: Offer Families a Break

Summer is a great time for family activities but everyone needs a break now & then. VBS offers that break in a positive environment.

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The Amazing Power of VBS #2: New Relationships

VBS is an opportunity for your kids, & YOU, to meet new people. What makes it great is these are people with the same interests you have: family, faith, friends. Your children are able to meet kids that may live in your neighborhood but not go to their school.

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The Amazing Power of VBS #1: Spiritual Growth

Vacation Bible School has many incredible things going for it. Sure, some of you may feel it is outdated but that is being too harsh. VBS may have been around for a long time but it has evolved over the years. This is not your mother’s VBS!

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The Amazing Power of VBS

The Fourth Sunday in Advent

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