11 Cleaning Secrets to Steal From Hotel Maids

11 Cleaning Secrets to Steal From Hotel Maids

Cleaning can be such a chore! Sorry I couldn’t resist! I don’t know about you but I never seem to get caught up with things around the house. There is always something left to do & I can’t rest until I take care of it. Now, it helps that Mr. D is so good at doing things around the house. He takes care of the dishes & laundry, including the ironing. And, no, he is NOT available!

Anyway, I admit my shortcomings when it comes to cleaning. That’s why I am always looking for tips & ideas to help me keep my house more efficiently & better. Good Housekeeping, (figures, right?) offers tips for cleaning your house. these ideas are offered by hotels maids! If you have ever watched them work, they get it done quickly & efficiently, moving form one task to another smoothly! I can’t wait to try these tips out! Enjoy!

11 Cleaning Secrets to Steal From Hotel Maids

Fresh Peach Recipes

Fresh Peach Recipes

Southern Living seems to LOVE peaches almost as much as I do! I remember going to the large open air market each summer so my grandmother, The Infamous LenaB. could buy peaches. We had them for breakfast. We enjoyed them for snacks. And Lena B. made fabulous peach preserves & peach fried pies. Oh, dear! I think I need a peach fix! Enjoy!

Fresh Summer Peaches

15 Pickle Recipes That Will Make Everything You Eat This Summer Taste Better

15 Pickle Recipes That Will Make Everything You Eat This Summer Taste Better

A few weeks ago, I was asking the women in my bible study what sort of classes they would like to take. I explained they didn’t have to be religious or church-oriented. I wanted to know the things they were interested in learning. The answers surprised me. Computer classes, how to use a smart phone, knitting & crocheting & canning, among other things. I am now working to schedule various classes here at our Simple Joy Cottage to meet their needs. Even the canning!

Country Living has provided me with a list of easy pickling recipes for summer, including asparagus, which was specifically mentioned. I really wanted to find a way to help women pickle food without making the process too complicated. If you are a beginner, canning can be intimidating. Plus, many people go overboard, buying dozens of jars & ingredients only to become hot & frustrated after their first attempt. I believe Country Living has taken the stress & fuss out of the process. So, it appears I will be in a pickle this summer… in the best of all possible ways! Enjoy!

Summer Pickles 

Back-to-School Party



I know you think this celebration is is for all the moms waiting anxiously for the day the kids return to school. That party comes later. For now, plan a fun & simple party for the kids to help celebrate the end of summer & the beginning of the new school year. BHG offers tips & ideas to help you plan & host this cute event.

BTS Party

15 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids Before School Starts


The school year begins soon but you can still have plenty of fun with your kids this summer! Especially with these ideas from Good Housekeeping.

Summer Fun

A+ Back-to-School Deals Priced from 1¢ to $1


It’s hot outside & there is still plenty of summer left in the year. However, we have to face it: Back-to-school is just around the corner! Time to plan your strategy for BTS shopping so you send the kids off with everything they need while still keeping some money in the bank! To help you, the good folks at Money magazine have compiled a list of BTS deals guaranteed to move YOU to the head of the class. Simple click the link below to learn more.


BTS Deals


Refreshing Summer Dessert Recipes


There’s still plenty of summer left in the year! Celebrate the warm days remaining with these fabulous recipes from Midwest Living.


Summer Desserts

Bring Back the Bees: How to Increase your Garden’s Bee Population


In case you haven’t heard, bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. Bees are essential for plant production. It is imperative for us to take steps to keep the current colonies healthy & help increase their size & number. Lia Leendertz has shared a great article on Fix.com discussing the problem of colony collapse & offering way each of us can help the bees. To read Lia’s article, please click HERE

Chickening Out: Grilling Perfect Chicken for the Backyard Barbecue Bash


Are you intimidated by backyard grilling, especially trying to grill chicken? We’ve all done it. One time the chicken is golden brown on the outside & undercooked on the inside. Then, in our desire to make certain the chicken is done through & through, we leave it on the grill too long, only to end up with something resembling shoe leather! It’s enough to make any backyard griller give up!

Well, help is here! Scott Thomas offers backyard grillers tips & techniques to create the perfect chicken for your next BBQ! Thanks to Scott & the good folks at Fix.com, you can serve up a winner every time! Scott lives in St. Louis (where I grew up) so I KNOW his advice is FABULOUS!

Perfect Chicken

50 Outdoor Room Design Ideas


hbx-outside-table-patio-0710-ewart-16-E7YUti-xlThere’s still plenty of summer left! Spend all the time you can outdoors. Create a fabulous space for your family that you can enjoy all summer long with these ideas from House Beautiful.

Outdoor Living

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