An Abundance of Kindness: Ash Wednesday

Lent begins today & I know many of you are giving up a variety of things during Lent. Some of you are giving up items that mean a lot to you, like chocolate. Others are giving up things that aggravate you, like social media. This process of self denial is good & in keeping with […]

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How may I Pray for You?

Submit your request as a comment to this post or email me Requests are added to the prayer list sent out each week. If you wish your request to remain private, please tell me & I will add it as an unspoken request.

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Rooted in God’s Love

Join me Tuesday September 8th as I begin a Zoom Bible study on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Discover Paul’s message for women in the church today. You must register in advance & once you do, you’ll receive information on the class, signing in, & downloading the lessons. This class is FREE. To register, please […]

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