An Abundance of Kindness: Ash Wednesday

Lent begins today & I know many of you are giving up a variety of things during Lent. Some of you are giving up items that mean a lot to you, like chocolate. Others are giving up things that aggravate you, like social media. This process of self denial is good & in keeping with […]

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8 Steps to Effectively Share a Message: Step 1 Create an Outline

 I could hear you groan, you know! Outlines seem tedious. Perhaps you never had to learn about outlines in English class. They were a pain! Breaking things down into smaller & smaller pieces with very specific tags to identify their place in the outline. It was painful & confusing.   Not Your English Class Outline […]

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8 Steps to Effectively Share a Message: Introduction 

You come up with a great idea for a topic. You believe it can help many people. The question is, how do you make certain the people that can benefit from your topic have an opportunity to see it? I believe the most effective way is to share your topic across a variety of media. […]

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